Why I Love Industrial Pop

So I just read an article about “industrial pop” bands and I have some thoughts.
While I don’t actively listen to any of the bands that currently self-identify as “industrial pop”, not only do I fully support that label, can we please go back and retroactively classify 90% of all industrial bands that way? If almost all of your music is verse-chorus song structure with a regular chord progression in a major or minor key* and 4/4 time, how is that substantially different from pop music?
I don’t mean that in a negative way. I grew out of my “I hate pop music” superiority complex back in college and I would gladly listen to Uptown Funk on repeat for an hour straight and do a stupid dance for every minute. I’m not sure if pop music has ever changed the world but I’m honestly even more skeptical that niche genre stuff ever has — I suspect music is more like a barometer than a catalyst. Also, it sure takes more skill to write a pop track than it does to put a contact mic on an oil drum and roll it in front of a train or whatever.
So pop is just as worthy a form of musical expression as anything else, and I think industrial pop is a more accurate descriptor for a lot of bands — dance music with an edge, more aggressive without throwing you off the beat. Plus, maybe if we break down some of those “us vs. them” walls, the ones that make people take offense if you call them pop, some of the stigma will go away too.


Oh, don’t give me that “what stigma” crap. You know exactly what stigma.



Anyway, this has been 80KV’s thoughts on genre, part 1 of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Seriously, I have way more opinions on this topic than is healthy for anyone except, like, Alex Reed**.


* Unless you don’t know what a key is so you accidentally end up in Phrygian mode or some shit, that maybe counts a little bit against it being pop music but not much


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