PureData Addendum

So in my first SuperCollider post, I talked about how I was using two different ways of processing the Arduino data, one for the pure sensor data and one for the i2c chip. Well, as soon as I got that working I ran into a bizarre bug when trying to combine the two together, as described best in this post I wrote on the pd subreddit*:


This is the error I was seeing:


I did as much debugging on it as I could but wasn’t able to figure it out, so I did just go ahead and update the scalar glove to use the custom code + serial_print_extended_any as well. Here’s an image of the final(ish?), real patch. The unpacks aren’t necessary, I just put them there as a debugging mechanism so I could watch the values.


I think it looks kind of lovely. And it’s working beautifully on first startup. Now if only I could figure out how to toggle the connect on file load and I could boot this entire thing through a batch script and never need a monitor on stage (that’s an end goal in all this).

P.S. In case anyone wants my ultra-super-basic Arduino code, here is scalar glove and vector glove

* I actually hate Reddit, I joined just for this because I couldn’t figure this out (no replies, but that was just last night)

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