Scalar Glove

Wearable gate

The Scalar Glove is a wearable MIDI controller. It has a flex sensor placed on the back of each finger which detects when that finger is bent and sends a MIDI signal when it surpasses a particular threshold.

Vector Glove

Wearable motion sensor

The Vector Glove uses a BNO-055 nine degree of freedom sensor chip to detect X, Y and Z position, as well as acceleration, and turn that into MIDI control change data. It pairs with the Scalar Glove to allow me to create MIDI tones by moving my hands around in the air.


The mask is mostly for aesthetic purposes. However, it also has a microphone that can be attached or removed, with vocal processing effects that can be controlled by the gloves.


Powered pendulum MIDI controller

The Dynamo is a servo-powered pendulum with an accelerometer in the bob; it sends MIDI signals based on that data. The Dynamo exhibits chaotic behavior because of imperfections in the shape of the bob.


The AlgoRhythm is a type of drum machine that I built to satisfy three constraints:

  1. I like having rhythm in my sets
  2. I hate writing drum tracks
  3. I don’t want to use the same backing track over and over

Thus: the AlgoRhythm, an Arduino-based controller (all my stuff is Arduino-based actually) that generates backing tracks according to a set of input parameters. It exclusively produces swung rhythms, because I prefer those. The parameters that can be modified are:

  1. Left lever: The number of drums (max 6)
  2. Middle lever: Tempo
  3. Right lever: Bit crushing (or other effects, but you can never have enough bit crushing)
  4. Left pot: Randomness of the pattern
  5. Right pot: Density of drum hits