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Founded in Salt Lake City in 2016, 80KV is the performing name of musician and performance artist Autumn Rogers. The goal of the project is to create a physical interface that feels intuitive; instead of electronic music produced from standing behind a keyboard, 80KV has developed a set of wearable instruments, “gloves”, that detect her motions and translate them into sound. As she improvises on the guitar (or, occasionally, electric harp), these gloves capture the natural motions of playing an instrument and turn it into accompaniment.

This emphasis on motion makes 80KV’s live shows closer to performance art than music. The music itself varies from harsh noise, to eerie, cybernetic blues, to ominous, sludgy metal; the visuals are striking and inhuman. In a featureless mask and a long gown, hands wrapped in sensors and wire, she bends a finger and the space fills with sound. The smallest motion of her hands can transform it from beautiful to harsh, or back.

While her music is experimental, she considers herself a performer and values approachability, and always strives to put on an enjoyable show even for attendees who might not enjoy the stranger corners of electronic music.


80KV’s first release, the visual EP Daesin, is available in its entirety on YouTube.

The single for her upcoming (and more approachable) album, Cathexis, is available for preview here:

And a rough cut of the full album is available here.


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